Our Services

Our Services

Just because multiple instruments can play together at the same time doesn’t mean it’s an orchestra. As the maestro in the orchestra of construction, our role is to bring a unison to the symphony. Listed below are some of the methods we use to turn instruments into symphonies.

What do we do?


This first step is pivotal for the success of a project. Before beginning any project, we listen. Only by asking the right questions will we be able to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but customized for your business.

Conceptual Planning

It is healthy to vision-cast and dream, and it is our job to ensure that your dream can become a reality without creating a nightmare. We’ll begin by assessing a potential project and survey the site and existing facilities. We’ll then determine which areas of the project/site are poor for development or expansion and which are more suitable for the project plans.  

Permitting & Entitlements

Once the vision is in clear focus, every project still needs to be vetted by the entities that will permit the project.  We represent our client every step of the way and navigate the sometimes confusing and time consuming processes to get their vision approved for construction.

Architecture & Civil Engineering Design Management

One of the most important decisions to make early in the life of a project is the selection of the design team.  We know, and have worked, with dozens of design firms on a wide variety of projects and we can help match your needs, and your project, to the best.  And once they are selected, we will represent you in design meetings, manage the schedule and make sure the design will fit within your budget.

Owner Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Coordination

When the design is done and construction starts, there’s still a long list of items to be purchased, coordinated and installed in order to make sure the new facility is ready to open for business.  We help our clients develop a list of furniture, fixtures and equipment they will need and we use our expansive list of suppliers, vendors, and specialty contractors to fill those needs.  From commercial kitchens to computer systems, we make sure you are ready for business on day one.

Cost, Quality & Schedule Control

The success of a project is measured by the results for your business.  When we deliver your new facility, we will make sure that it is top quality, delivered on time, AND within your budget to help you achieve all your goals.

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